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5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Dog Photos

We all want to take wonderful photos of the furry members of our household, but doing so can be a challenging and frustrating task. Here are 5 easy ways to instantly improve the quality of your pictures, regardless of what kind of camera you are using.

Dog Photography Tip 1

Windows Are Your Friend! Natural light, or sunlight, will consistently give you the most accurate color in your photos with little to no post-processing required. If you are shooting indoors, place yourself between your dog and a window with bright but indirect sunlight. The window should be to your back, so that the soft light entering the room is falling on your pooch’s face.

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Who is your favorite cartoon dog?

It’s time to vote! First, click on the thumbnail of your favorite cartoon dog, then click ‘Like’ to vote and then ‘Share’ your vote with all of your friends on Facebook. Let’s see which dog can get the most votes! If you don’t see your favorite cartoon dog below, post who you’d like to see as a comment below and we will try to get them on the site.

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Facebook Photos 5000 Fans Part 2

Facebook Photos 5000 Fans Part 1

Our Facebook page hit a big milestone on Sunday… 5000 fans! To celebrate we wanted to display some of the best photos from our awesome fans (part 1 of 2). Enjoy!

10 Photos of Best Buds