5 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Dog Photos

We all want to take wonderful photos of the furry members of our household, but doing so can be a challenging and frustrating task. Here are 5 easy ways to instantly improve the quality of your pictures, regardless of what kind of camera you are using.

Dog Photography Tip 1

Windows Are Your Friend! Natural light, or sunlight, will consistently give you the most accurate color in your photos with little to no post-processing required. If you are shooting indoors, place yourself between your dog and a window with bright but indirect sunlight. The window should be to your back, so that the soft light entering the room is falling on your pooch’s face.

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Presidential Dog Awards

Of the 43 men who served as President of the United States most have had a dog living with them during their term of office. Some were old friends brought from home, others were obtained to make a President seem more likable, and many were gifts of foreign dignitaries and political friends. They ranged from strays to expensive purebreds, tiny lapdogs to intimidating police trained security dogs but they all share one trait—they were all special! But some deserve a prize so, the award for…

Most Dogs – Calvin Coolidge gets the award for most dogs in the White House at a whopping 14! Even though John F. Kennedy was allergic his family had seven dogs at the White House.

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6 Holiday Hazards for Your Dog

We’re all in such good spirits for the many festivities that mark the end of the year that we often overlook the many dangers our celebrations can pose to our four-footed friends. Don’t overlook these six key problems.

Candles – A furry tale can easily sweep a lit candle over resulting in a fire on your tablecloth, furniture or even on your furry friend. Even unlit candles can easily become a problem. Candles are often in glass containers that when broken can cut a tender canine paw. So many candles also boast irresistible scents from gingerbread to apples. Unfortunately, most dogs don’t realize candles aren’t food until the swallowing is done and the stomach problems begin.

Keep all candles, even unlit ones, out of your dog’s reach.

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The Impact Of Disney On Dog Ownership

Disney DogsOver the years, Disney has produced numerous films that feature dogs as the main characters, both animated and non-animated. Disney has had a huge impact on the types of dogs people have in their home, but where did it all begin? Well, it started with the man himself, Walt Disney.

Walt Disney had a dog named Lady who was a poodle. Lady was re-invented into a Cocker Spaniel (also named Lady) in the famous Lady and the Tramp, which was released in 1955. An oldie but a goodie, this animated character closely resembled the real “Lady” owned by Walt Disney.

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Who is your favorite cartoon dog?

It’s time to vote! First, click on the thumbnail of your favorite cartoon dog, then click ‘Like’ to vote and then ‘Share’ your vote with all of your friends on Facebook. Let’s see which dog can get the most votes! If you don’t see your favorite cartoon dog below, post who you’d like to see as a comment below and we will try to get them on the site.

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